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Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, including:

There are many reasons that people use self storage. For most people self storage is the solution to the problem of not having enough space, or that they prefer to use the space they have differently, for example you may wish to free up your garage space to store your car. Another reason could be if you are moving house and there is a time lapse between the buying or selling process.  Perhaps you are downsizing or maybe your house is undergoing a reform and you want to protect your valuables from dust or paint. Many people use self storage because they need more space in their office. Yet other people simply want to remove clutter their houses, and use the opportunity of renting a private storage space for this. 

Darrmar Storage will provide you with your own individual space for an affordable monthly rent. You pay for the space you rent and for the time that you use it. You as the owner retain the control over your possessions after putting them into storage. You lock your own space, keep the key, and have freedom of access to your space during the hours the centre is open. You can spend whatever time you need in your space and move goods in and out to suit you, as you need. 

Darrmar Storage offer a variety of small and large individual  storage spaces. If you wish, you can to use our online space estimator to give an idea of what size unit you require.  Otherwise one of our helpful staff can help you work out a convenient size.


As a general rule, if it can be moved and it fits into one of our units, it can be stored. Store your personal property, or commercial goods, furniture, books, some building materials, commercial stock, files, sporting equipment. We can also accommodate jet-skis and boat parts. Please note that items which do not meet requirements for safety are not permitted into storage, such as flammables, hazardous materials, etc. Ask us about details. 

Darrmar Storage does not offer a packing service BUT we can offer all the materials that you may need to get your items ready for transporting and also to keep safe and in good order whilst in storage. Darrmar Storage have everything you need to pack. We sell tape, different sizes of boxes and plastic bubble wrap all at a great price.

Darrmar Storage is the ideal business partner. You can utilise the flexibility of self storage space to your commercial advantage by increasing and decreasing the amount of space as you need it. The cost of self storage space is more economical than renting commercial or industrial property for storage. 

We will insure your goods to the value of €1000 and the cost of this is automatically added to your monthly rent.  If you do wish to have higher insurance cover we can arrange this for you also.  Do not assume any existing household policy you have will automatically cover your goods in self storage therefore if you were thinking of using an existing policy then it is really important to speak with your insurance company.


Our premises are fully alarmed for your peace of mind, plus you have your own individual padlock for your unit that only you or people you authorise will hold the key for this. We can supply padlocks for you to purchase or you can bring your own.

Only you and the people that you authorise will have access to your unit.

You are free to make your own transport arrangements alternatively you can speak to the team at Darrmar Storage for a quotation if you wish us to do this for you.

Yes, of course.  Just pop in and speak to one of our friendly team who will personally show you all the storage options available.

You can access your unit between 08:00 hours and 19:00 hours Monday to Saturday, which are our standard opening hours.  Any access required outside of these hours may be possible by prior arrangement only.

There is no charge to access your unit as and when you want within the normal opening hours.  If you wish to visit outside of normal working hours there may be a small charge applicable.

The minimum rental period is for one month.  There is no maximum period of rental.  If you are anticipating longer rental periods and you are happy to pay upfront, we are happy to negotiate a discount for this.

You will need to give us 2 weeks notice before you leave to ensure that the contract is not automatically renewed.  All contracts will be for an initial period of one month and will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis.

Darrmar Storage will allow you to move to a smaller or larger unit when required, however this will of course be subject to availability.

No, but you must not store any items that are perishable, flammable or illegal.

You will be asked to sign the terms and conditions which confirms that you adhere to these rules.

We insist that all our customers at Darrmar Storage pay a one month deposit with your first months rent, which is refundable at the end of the rental period assuming that all the rent is up to date at the end of the contract.

If we have the space available and you complete the agreement  and pay the deposit you can move in the same day within the opening hours of 08:00hrs and 19:00hrs.

All you need to do is complete our simple rental contract and pay the first months rent and the deposit.  Once this is done you can store your goods immediately.

Standing order, direct debit, cash or credit/debit card. Whichever suits you best!

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